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Ok, so I have been reading non-stop. Normally, this is a good thing, right? Yeah, not for me. Or at least this time. I’m binge reading in avoidance. I am stuck in my writing…chapter 5 to be exact. I need to write it. Like a child, I just don’t wanna. It should be a simple write up…fun days at the beach, beach volleyball, deep sea fishing, cuddling with gorgeous guys…for some reason I can’t bring myself to pull up the document let alone actually write it. This is how bad my binge reading has reached…I have re-read six books, read 9 new books within six days. Yes, I have also slept and maintained some adulting responsibilities. It is winter break so I have more time than usual but still. That is an insane amount of books to read in such a short span of time. Sadly, I haven’t been writing reviews for them because you know that requires me to get my laptop out and see my writing program at the bottom of the screen mocking me. Reminding me that I need to write at least something with the chapter even bad writing.


Oh and to add onto my dilemma–I have an editing date for my entire novel!! I’m quickly running out of time!! I have three weeks left. It seems like a lot of time but really it’s not. Not when I have a full time job and kiddos to care for. Alright, the kiddos don’t really need me too much anymore since they are all mouthy teens, but still. There’s a few times, they need their momma. Ok, they only need me to wash their nasty teen boy clothes and feed them.

Slight side note: how is it that teen boys still stink right after a shower? I can smell the soap and shampoo…but they still smell? If someone knows the answer to that let me know.

Rant is over, back to my writing woes. Am I the only one with this issue? I highly doubt it. So, here’s my plan. Write. Write badly. It doesn’t matter. I just need to get it on the screen. I would say paper; I don’t hand write any of my writing. To do list only–handwritten.  Oh and my grocery list. That’s it. I type almost everything else which is really sad come to think of it. I use to write notes all the time to my husband when he was stationed away from me and in high school. I can’t remember the last time someone hand wrote a letter to me or vice versa.

That is a rant for another day perhaps!

Question for everyone: What do you hand write? Lists like myself or do your write more? Is handwriting dead or dying? Drop your opinion in the comments.




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