Book Review: The Perfect Comeback by Kasey Shea

After reading the blurb and first few chapters, I was intrigued by the book but didn’t have high expectations. I’ve read a few romance novels with the nerd aspect–game developer, graphic artist, coplayer, etc. Mia is a highly dedicated cosplayer and zombie addict who also happens to work for EverSoft, a video gaming company. She’sContinue reading “Book Review: The Perfect Comeback by Kasey Shea”

Scoring the Player’s Baby by Naima Simone

Scoring the Player’s Baby: A WAGS novel Naima Simone Kim Matlock is not having the best year–she is recently divorced from her NFL star Matt Cooper. Her estranged father doesn’t want anything to do with her especially in his company and now she is working the Seattle Wedding Expo trying to revamp the dying hotelsContinue reading “Scoring the Player’s Baby by Naima Simone”

Trust Again Mona Kasten

Trust Again Mona Kasten Dawn was burned once–never again. Her lifelong love, Nate cheated on her with the neighbor Rebecca. She was in love with Nate since she was 14. He was her entire world. After six months of marriage, she comes home early from a father/daughter camping trip to find him having sex withContinue reading “Trust Again Mona Kasten”

Blind Kiss Renée Carlino

Blind Kiss Renée CarlinoPenny is a suburban housewife living in a McMansion and feeling completing unsatisified with her life. On the outside, she has the perfect life–a 14 year old genius who is going to MIT in the fall, an attractive husband, volunteering at her son’s school, yet nothing feels right. She loves her son MiloContinue reading “Blind Kiss Renée Carlino”

All I Want is You by Patricia Mar

Mar puts a different spin on this romantic novel–the story of Sara De Michele and Daniel Gant isn’t the beginning of their love story but the middle. How couple need compromise and trust to grow as a couple. The storyline was not what  I expected. My expectations were of the couple runs into a fewContinue reading “All I Want is You by Patricia Mar”