Review: Whiskey Kisses by Addison Moore

  Book 4 of 3 AM Series   I have been addicted to this series! I read it in between scheduled ARCs. I am a bit sad that this small circle of friends love stories are over–in a way. I’m excited to read about their siblings and others who attend Whitney Briggs. I’m curious aboutContinue reading “Review: Whiskey Kisses by Addison Moore”

Book Review: Winter Kisses by Addison Moore

 Book 2 of 3 AM Kisses Series Book 1: 3 AM Kisses I loved book one so much that I bought the second and third book. Laney was hilarious and an incredible friend to Baya in book 1. I knew that her book would be filled with dramatics especially since she’s an actress. The dramaticsContinue reading “Book Review: Winter Kisses by Addison Moore”

Book Review: 3 A.M. Kisses by Addison Moore

  Book 1 of the 3 AM Kisses series   This is one of my favorite books…and I’ve been working my way through the series for the past year. So far there are 17 books! I have read this book at least four or five times…or that’s a lie. I lost track of how many timesContinue reading “Book Review: 3 A.M. Kisses by Addison Moore”

Hot Honey Kisses (3:AM Kisses 17) by Addison Moore

Book BlitzBook GiveawayKindle FireLink: Book Released August 23rd Synopsis: What do an obnoxious attorney, a coed gone wild, and a corpse have in common? Shep and Serena are about to find out the hard way. Spending summer in Hollow Brook will be murder. … *this is a standalone romance*  When Serena lets her roommate talk herContinue reading “Hot Honey Kisses (3:AM Kisses 17) by Addison Moore”

Cover Reveal!!! Hot Honey Kisses (3:AM Kisses Series) Addison Moore

I am looking forward to another novel in the 3AM Kisses series. I own the first three in the series and I’m looking foward to the rest of ther series!! Keep an eye out for my review of this novel. I’m also going through my personal ebooks for my favorite Re-read novels (this series isContinue reading “Cover Reveal!!! Hot Honey Kisses (3:AM Kisses Series) Addison Moore”