My future

I’m in the process of making some major life changes. At the moment I’m stuck at a crossroad, the only thing I know is :i need to return to college for a master’s degree. Herein lies my dilemma….I’ve been substituting at various school districts throughout darke county. I do enjoy it….I don’t love it likeContinue reading “My future”

on the brink….of….??

Image by Christine ™ via Flickr I feel I’m on verge of something, but I don’t know what that might be. A new adventure would be nice though many adventures require fundage which I am quite short of. That might not be the best thing (unless it’s a free adventure). I notice that I tendContinue reading “on the brink….of….??”

Mother Nature is a manatical bitch

Image via Wikipedia I have been sick all day because Eve ate the stupid apple thus women for all time must pay for her stupidity. Now, every month I get so sick that I have to go to the doctor. For awhile, I had to take birth control pills just to find some sort ofContinue reading “Mother Nature is a manatical bitch”