Book Review: 3 A.M. Kisses by Addison Moore

18171526  Book 1 of the 3 AM Kisses series


This is one of my favorite books…and I’ve been working my way through the series for the past year. So far there are 17 books!

I have read this book at least four or five times…or that’s a lie. I lost track of how many times after the fifth reading. Who knows how many times, I’ve actually read this book. Many times, I pick a favorite character among the cast in a book or even among the two main characters. This is no different. I almost typed that I love Bryson and Baya equally, but that would be a complete and utter lie. I love love Bryson–totally swoon worthy book boyfriend.

Bryson Edwards loves the ladies…and they love him. He has a competition with his roommate Cole Brighton over who can bed the most. Bryson also works at the Black Bear Saloon, one of three bars his family owns and he runs with his fraternal twin, Holt–where he meet numerous women to help him win against Cole. There is a reason behind his man-whoring ways…one he is not willing to share. Alright, he did share it with Cole during a very drunk night. That took him for a walk around campus to think. During his walk, a gorgeous Freshmen flashes him while attempting to carry her belongings into her dorm room. Every inch of her blushed at the accidental clothing malfunction. He knows there’s something special about her. He helps her get situated in her dorm and even helps her find her brother who turns out to be his roommate. The one girl, he wants more than anything is completely off limits.

Baya Brighton has never been so embarrassed and turn on so much in her entire life. The hunky guy she flashed is her older brother’s roommate. To make matters worse, her brother is gettin’ down and dirty with some bimbo. Bryson tells her what the notches on the wall mean. Everything she knew about her loving devoted brother is shattering around her. Oh and to add to her crap cake, her roommate was having sex when she walked in.

The following weeks are not much better for Baya. The airline lost her luggage which means she had to steal her roommate’s clothes just to have something to wear. Her brother banned her from attending any frat parties unless he was there to watch over her. His overprotective crap is getting old. She’s also tired of him telling her how sweet and innocent she is when all she wants is to cash in in V card. That’s not going to happen with her brother hoovering. After a run in at the frat party, Bryson offers her a job at Black Bear as a waitress. After one too many nights of listening to her roommate sex up the male population at Whitney Briggs, Baya crashes with her brother and Bryson.

Slowly, Baya and Bryson develop a friendship and a bit more. A few 3 AM kisses after the bar closes gives Baya the impression that Bryson wants more than friendship–he keeps his heart tightly protected after what happened to him in high school. Aubree, the president of Alpha Chi is obsessed…with well I can’t tell you who that would ruin the story for you. She causes some issues for both Bryson and Baya.

How can Baya trust Bryson when he refuses to tell her about his past?

Can Baya overlook Bryson’s womanizing?

How will Baya’s overprotective brother react to his best friend and roommate dating his baby sister?


This is from my personal library. Obviously, I adore this book. I could and I want to write more about it. I’m afraid if I do spoiler alert will have to be posted. I don’t want to ruin this incredible book for anyone else.


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