Review: Always Ever After by Claire Kingsley

Book 3 of Always Series This hot novella wraps up the stories from Book 1–Brax and Kylie, Book 2–Selene and Ronan. Brax and Kylie have been married for a year. Nothing has simmered in the least. His alpha dirty talking still sizzles. This time Kylie has a bit of a surprise for Brax. How willContinue reading “Review: Always Ever After by Claire Kingsley”

on the brink….of….??

Image by Christine ™ via Flickr I feel I’m on verge of something, but I don’t know what that might be. A new adventure would be nice though many adventures require fundage which I am quite short of. That might not be the best thing (unless it’s a free adventure). I notice that I tendContinue reading “on the brink….of….??”

a great beginning

I am excited about this semester. I won the Secretary position for Student Government along with being an officer of Humanities Club. I am totally stoked about my writing. I have been writing quite a bit.Today in particular has been a very blissful day. Oddly, enough nothing happened that was awesome or anything. If truthContinue reading “a great beginning”

vacation countdown begins…….

Vacation begins in 5 days……but I still have so much to do. We haven’t begun packing yet. So I have all of that to do and on Friday…..boy that will be a busy day. Tim has a counseling session then off to court for Jeremy then come home and finish gettin everything together. I amContinue reading “vacation countdown begins…….”

stress and laundry

Why does everything seem worse when there is a boatload of laundry to do? Do the two really have a connection? Though I seriously doubt it… does occur quite often for me. Instead of stressing about the big things that I really should be upset about I stress about the damn laundry. There’s too muchContinue reading “stress and laundry”

Another cardinal……another mediocre

As I was pulling into a parking spot in Middlefork, a bright red cardinal flew over Tim’s car heading towards the woods almost surrounding Middlefork parking lot. Yet again, I am wondering about this luck thing and cardinals. I have come to a conclusion…’s crap! I know, it’s like duh! But sometimes a memory isContinue reading “Another cardinal……another mediocre”