Book Review Logan Giulia Lagomarsino

Logan made the biggest mistake of his life when he was a teen. He dumped the only woman he has truly loved and told her that he wasn’t woman enough for him because she was inexperienced and shy when it comes to sex. Logan has regretted that decision for years. Although, it wasn’t until recentlyContinue reading “Book Review Logan Giulia Lagomarsino”

BOOK Review: Love Under Contract by Dean Hodel

Michael Travers left home shortly after his mother passed away when he was a teen. He asked his girlfriend to go with him. But she needed to stay and take care of her younger siblings and her single mother. That was the day that Michael’s heart was broken. He sealed it off for any other woman

Chance Encounters Scarlett Hopper Book Review

Book 2 of the Encounters Series– I will definitely buy the first book in this series and the remainder of the Encounters Series.  Winona Clark has been traveling the world for the past four years with James a fellow traveler. She hasn’t heard from her best friend since she was 16–Eleanor called Winona back home.Continue reading “Chance Encounters Scarlett Hopper Book Review”

Wrath Emily Blythe

Wrath Emily Blythe Seven Vices Series Chloe Walker has lived in Falcon her entire life. She still lives with her father and works at his coffee shop cafe. The cafe is her life. She never dreamed of doing anything else. Someday running this cafe with her father has always been her dream. Until her fatherContinue reading “Wrath Emily Blythe”

The Story After Us Fiona Perrin

The Story After Us Fiona Perrin Ami Fitch is wife, mother, and small business owner of Brand New, advertising company. Lately, all she does is argue with her husband, Lars. Lars files for divorce. Ami beggs him to stay but he doesn’t. Lar changes his mind when their youngest son is nearly sufficated by theirContinue reading “The Story After Us Fiona Perrin”

The Memory of You Jamie Beck

The Memory of YouJamie BeckRyan Quinn had his heart shattered by his high school sweetheart, Steffi Lockwood. He thought the gorgeous Val was the answer to his prayers. But returning to his parents house with his daughter, Emmy after his marriage to Val failed–Ryan realizes that Val wasn’t the only person at fault for theContinue reading “The Memory of You Jamie Beck”

The Invitation by Keris Stainton

      This novel focuses just as much on body image as it does on the romantic notion that a person can find that “one who got away.” Piper James is body positive blogger. She focuses on having a healthy body image over healthy living. Yes, Piper is considered “chunky” or “fat” but sheContinue reading “The Invitation by Keris Stainton”