Review: Melt for Him by Lauren Blakely

Book 2 of Fighting Fire Series I struggle with the hot firefighter trope since so many of the men in my family are firefighters. It’s a bit hard to picture hot sexy firefighters when your father, grandfather, and uncles do the same job. I feel that I need to overcome that since there are soContinue reading “Review: Melt for Him by Lauren Blakely”

Book Review: Red Hot Rancher by Marie Johnston

Book 2 of Part Time Cowboys What’s worse than being dumped, cheated on, and kicked out of your apartment? Having to move in with your twin brother and his best friend. Oh, did I mention that said best friend is an ex-boyfriend? Yeah, it sucks. Sadly, said ex is hotter than he was in highContinue reading “Book Review: Red Hot Rancher by Marie Johnston”

Book Review: Crazy For Your Love by Lexi Ryan

Book 5 of Jackson Harbor series I’m not a fan of jumping right into a book that’s part of a series, mostly because it takes a few chapters to catch up on the characters and who belongs to who and so forth. I admit that I did have a bit of this for the firstContinue reading “Book Review: Crazy For Your Love by Lexi Ryan”

Tossed Into Love Aurora Rose Reynolds

Tossed into Love Aurora Rose Reynolds Libby Reed has a terrific job at one of the posh salons on 5th Ave. She has a side business where clients can rent designer dresses. But she feels empty–not even discount shopping for her favorite designer brands helps. She always feels better after spending a few moments inContinue reading “Tossed Into Love Aurora Rose Reynolds”