Getting back to the swing of things…

Ok, so I have been reading non-stop. Normally, this is a good thing, right? Yeah, not for me. Or at least this time. I’m binge reading in avoidance. I am stuck in my writing…chapter 5 to be exact. I need to write it. Like a child, I just don’t wanna. It should be a simpleContinue reading “Getting back to the swing of things…”

Back from my hiatus….

I took a bit of a break from all things electronic–not all things, I kept my Kindle. But I shut everything else off. It was pretty nice too. The only down fall is my email is packed, and I’ve been having panic attacks from not writing. So today, I’m digging in to write, write, andContinue reading “Back from my hiatus….”

BOOK REVIEW:Player on Ice by S.R. Grey

Jaxon Holland is the biggest player on the Las Vegas Wolves hockey team and he is one of the top scorers on the ice. Both of these things gives him an incredibly large ego. An ego that gets completely deflated after colossally screwing up a key play during the play offs. A play that he should have made. The fans will forget soon enough right?