Book Review: Interlude by D Kelly

Review I commend Kelly for exploring bisexuality and giving the characters the freedom to explore their sexuality. Very few authors have successfully been able to allow the characters this level of sexual and emotional exploration without the novel being erotic or overtly sexual. Jordan and Kyle’s sexuality is about who they are as a personContinue reading “Book Review: Interlude by D Kelly”

Book Review: Suddenly Mine by Samantha Chase

Book 9 of the Montgomery Brothers Series I have read all of the previous Montgomery Brothers novels, Christian was mentioned in his cousin’s book. I wondered then if there was a third brother with Robert and William. I mean, there had to be right if Christian took over and was cousins to the other MontgomeryContinue reading “Book Review: Suddenly Mine by Samantha Chase”

Excerpt: Your Sound by Katia Rose

Your Sound  is book three from the Sherbrooke Station series. I have enjoyed each of the previous books. A review of Your Sound will be posted later this week! Giveaway!! A $10 Amazon Gift Card. Oh and Katia made a playlist too! In the mean time, below is an excerpt. Enjoy!! You know what they say:Continue reading “Excerpt: Your Sound by Katia Rose”

Book Review: Five Reasons to Go by Candace Knoebel

As soon as I was approved for an ARC of this novel, we picked up the previous novel in the series: Ten Reasons to Stay. When I finished reading Corrine’s story, I was not looking forward to reading Jack’s story. Jack was a complete tool. I’m glad I read both novels. Reading the first book gave me a better understanding about Jack–who he is where he comes from. It makes it easier in his novel to understand why he wants to change and never wants to be that guy again. In Jack’s story: Five Reasons to Go, I had more sympathy for Jack because of everything he went through before with Corrine and after. Jack is flawed but still relatable. 

Jack’s story begins at the same point Corrine’s story begins–with both of them together. But unlike Corrine’s story, the reader is moved through those last few years with Corrine fairly quickly. I’m not sure if I would have understood everything that happened with Corrine had I not bought the previous novel. This part of the novel still paints Jack in a negative light even in his own story. 

Jack Swanson has been married to Corrine since shortly after graduating college. The harder he works to appease her the worse their marriage gets. He has the brilliant idea of an open marriage. Every Thursday–home by midnight. No staying over and protection is a must! This concept blows up in his face when his wife falls in love with Cole (All of this in in the previous novel). Jack is a complete wreck after Corrine divorces him. He realizes how terrific his life really was with Corrine. He also realized how horrible of a person he was to Corrine and Jessica. How his actions have hurt both women. 

My future

I’m in the process of making some major life changes. At the moment I’m stuck at a crossroad, the only thing I know is :i need to return to college for a master’s degree. Herein lies my dilemma….I’ve been substituting at various school districts throughout darke county. I do enjoy it….I don’t love it likeContinue reading “My future”


Image by Getty Images via @daylife I feel like I am at a crossroads. I know my last posting was about much the same as I am beginning. I’m feelin the pressure to figure out what to do. Should I continue with the degree I’ve started? Should I do something completely different? Do I takeContinue reading “uncertain….times???”

on the brink….of….??

Image by Christine ™ via Flickr I feel I’m on verge of something, but I don’t know what that might be. A new adventure would be nice though many adventures require fundage which I am quite short of. That might not be the best thing (unless it’s a free adventure). I notice that I tendContinue reading “on the brink….of….??”

Boredom from being a successful student

Image by Earlham College via Flickr In two days, I will be graduating with my Bachelor of Arts in English with honors might I add. I feel very privileged to be graduating with such an honor, I don’t want Friday to come. I don’t because that will mean an end to my undergraduate career. I know,Continue reading “Boredom from being a successful student”