Love and Other Secrets by Christina Mandelski

Alex Koviak or as his lacrosse buddies call him “Kov” appears to have everything. He is popular, rich, but he has no idea what he wants to do with his life once he graduates high school. He never thought he would met his challenge at the express check out lane at Publix. Bailey pushes himContinue reading “Love and Other Secrets by Christina Mandelski”

Things I’d Rather Do Than Die Christine Hurley Deriso

Things I’d Rather Do Than Die Christine Hurley Deriso Jade Fulton works at Royal Gym, who is brillant and a bit pretentious with her best friend Gia. One night Ethan Garrett comes into the gym right at closing. Jade is required to stay until Ethan finished his workout. Ethan is the star quarterback, dates aContinue reading “Things I’d Rather Do Than Die Christine Hurley Deriso”