Day 3 of Tim’s antics

Today is the third day that Tim has been yelling, screaming and basically bitching about everything. First he was upset because Alex didn’t go out and train Flash at the exact moment that Tim said. Grant it, Alex should’ve ¬†went out and trained the dog. But he didn’t thus so Tim went off the deepContinue reading “Day 3 of Tim’s antics”

The slacker is leaving the building……

I know I have been slacking as of recently but seriously…..I needed to. I have been going and going and going for so long I almost forgot how to relax. Sadly, it took some time for me to relax. Now that summer is coming to a close, I need to get reactivated. I need toContinue reading “The slacker is leaving the building……”

stress and laundry

Why does everything seem worse when there is a boatload of laundry to do? Do the two really have a connection? Though I seriously doubt it… does occur quite often for me. Instead of stressing about the big things that I really should be upset about I stress about the damn laundry. There’s too muchContinue reading “stress and laundry”