Sugary Sweets A.M. Willard

Sugary Sweets A.M. Willard A Taste of Love Series–book 2 Zara has always been a free spirit. How did she end up with a house in the burbs, a hot as hell husband, and a bun in the oven? Zara has no idea how to deal with her new life–a life that most people wouldContinue reading “Sugary Sweets A.M. Willard”

Frosted Sweets A.M. Willard

Frosted Sweets  A Taste of Love Series: Book 1 A.M. Willard Jayden Rivers knows the moment he accidently bumps into a sweet Morgan carrying her wedding dress that there is something special about her. When he realizes that she ownes the bakery that the studio orders food from–he thinks fate is intervening. But Morgan beginsContinue reading “Frosted Sweets A.M. Willard”