a great beginning

I am excited about this semester. I won the Secretary position for Student Government along with being an officer of Humanities Club. I am totally stoked about my writing. I have been writing quite a bit.Today in particular has been a very blissful day. Oddly, enough nothing happened that was awesome or anything. If truthContinue reading “a great beginning”

Writing & Panic attacks

I am trying to figure out why I feel a tightening in my stomach every time I sit down to write. Or I will draw complete blanks. I will completely forget the scene I was about to write. I can’t come up with another scene….I haven’t been able to clearly formulate a scene for days.Continue reading “Writing & Panic attacks”

something to look forward to

For some odd reason just the thought of going on vacation has motivated me to get things done. I’ve begun packing away winter clothes in the space saver bags, and on the road to getting the laundry done. I’ve been having Alex put the clothes away but I think the next load I’ll put awayContinue reading “something to look forward to”