countdown to a deadline

With my deadline fast approaching, I am stuck. I have yet to decide upon the topic of my nonfiction essay let alone write it. The time is ticking away. I know I should not be such a procrastinator but yet I did. I should’ve at least picked my topic a few days ago and didContinue reading “countdown to a deadline”

literature and headaches

Image via Wikipedia I was working on my Irish Lit homework earlier today (I still have a few more things to do for it), I just had to take a break. Don’t get me wrong, I love the topics we are reading about. The rich culture and background of Ireland is very intriguing. I amContinue reading “literature and headaches”

Academics and Literature

I made a huge mistake this semester….I didn’t take Senior Seminar which I need in order to graduate but now I realize I could have graduated next summer. Now, I feel real stupid. I just pushed myself back one year. I wonder if I can take graduate classes before actually graduating with my bachelor degree.Continue reading “Academics and Literature”