BOOK REVIEW: Finding Fate by Kennedy Mitchell

Nash Bartley, one of many private contractors working for Drake. A team the CIA contracted to bring Fate home from Africa. Only nothing went as planned. Instead Nash was captured. Nash and Fate spent days in side by side cells. They spent each night talking about everything from their personal lives to family. Fate kept Nash alive by sharing her food and water. Nash kept her alive by ensuring Fate never loses hope. When the General comes to their camp and a second rescue attempt happens, Fate and Nash do not return together. 

Neither of them return to the states without injuries–mentally and physically. Both think the other is dead after the last fire fight at the camp. 

I Will Always Find You (Jefe Cartel Book 1) by Willow Sanders

I loved this novel so much that I bought the next book in the series Found. The first few chapters…I wasn’t sure if I would even like this book let alone love it. It does have a bit of a slow start. A few things could be slightly more condensed but I understand why SandersContinue reading “I Will Always Find You (Jefe Cartel Book 1) by Willow Sanders”

A Change of Pace Freya Barker

A Change of Pace Freya Barker Newt Tobias would do anything for his little girl–even retire early from the force and move to a small lake community to give Millie a new beginning after her mother’s  tragic cancer loss. Millie is also a cutter due to her lack of control over elements in her life–mother’sContinue reading “A Change of Pace Freya Barker”