BOOK EXCERPT:Scandalous by Sybil Bartel


Release Date: September 10th


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Excerpt #1T6

“Sit the fuck down and eat.”

Looking almost smug, she sat. “I’m not sitting because you told me to. I’m doing it because I’m hungry and I want to.”

Right. I didn’t say shit.

“I saw that. I saw that smirk on your face.” She took a bite.

She didn’t see shit. “You’ll see what I want you to see.”

“Oh.” She laughed through the word. “Okay, sure, Mr. I’m-A-Tank, I can control everything. Well, guess what? You can’t control me.”

I abruptly stood and kicked the stool out behind me. Before she even had a chance to blink, I’d grabbed her around the waist and lifted her skinny ass to the counter. Stepping between her legs, I took two handfuls of her thick hair I couldn’t keep my hands out of and crashed my mouth over hers.

She didn’t gasp. She didn’t push me away. She didn’t even hesitate.

Her legs and arms went around me, and she asked for it. “Oh my God, more.”

I shoved my tongue into her mouth like I wanted to drive my cock into her, and I fucking dominated. Every stroke, every flex of my muscles was a lesson in control. I controlled her mouth. I controlled her body, and I controlled her desire. I decided what she fucking got from me. If she wanted a piece of me, I topped. Period.

God-fucking-damn it, I topped.


Except this time I wasn’t.



A hundred-pound sass mouth with eyes to die for had grabbed my ass, pulled me on top of her and was writhing underneath me.

And I was letting her.

Grinding my hips, dry humping her, kissing her like this was more than a show of dominance, I play fucked like a goddamn amateur.


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