BOOK REVIEW: Forget You, Ethan by Whitney G

51uigkawwsl Another great read from my personal library. This is the first Whitney G book, I’ve read and will be reading more. Actually, I have two more of her books in my Amazon wish list.

This novel is an enemies to lovers with a slight twist. To be honest, I don’t think they were ever enemies but the characters state that they are…so I’ll go with it.

Rachel Dawson was supposed to be a boy…well that’s what Ethan Wyatt’s mother told him about the new family moving in down the road when he was eight. But no…he’s stuck with yet another girl in the neighborhood. For a split second, he thought that she might be cool…for a girl, cause she has all the same comic books that he does and she is wearing a Captain America shirt. But then she pushes him down the stairs. There and then Ethan decided that Rachel was his nemesis. That has not stopped. Every time Ethan was grounded or was in trouble with his parent–it was due to Rachel snitching on him. Every fire he set to her stuff was just merely payback. They even started sending mean letters to each other in middle school. Rachel would end every letter with Forget You, Ethan.

Now that Ethan and Rachel are in college a few things have changed. Rachel’s dad is married to her mom’s best friend (yes, he mother has been dead since she was 16 but still, it’s weird). Rachel is studying abroad on a Semester at Sea program. Ethan is finishing his degree at the same school (at the actual university). Rachel decided that she would spend her last year at the university–at the last minute her living arrangements fell through. She found a new place with two guys–one being Ethan.

Rachel would have turned it down but she needed a place to stay. She was NOT going to live with her father and his wife. Ethan and his man whoring ways would have to do. She can live with him and hate him. How much different can it be from when they lived next door to each other. Except now she knew that she would have issues seeing Ethan with other women. It didn’t occur to her how important Ethan is to her until her last boyfriend was jealous of her letters to Ethan. Letters that take up and entire chest in her bedroom at home and a drawer in desk on the ship. She relishes those letters especially when she was on the ship. But this is Ethan–the ultimate man-whore.

Ethan knows how much Rachel loves the letter writing thing. At first he wrote them to show her how much he hated her. But then he was able to write things to her that no one else knew. She always has insight into his life–she knew his girlfriend was cheating on him. How? To be honest, he looks forward to those purple letters coming in the mail. None of his girlfriends understand why he can write pages to Rachel but can’t jot down a sticky note to them. Hell, he doesn’t understand it half the time either. He can’t go more than a few weeks without replying to Rachel. Now, she’s standing in his living room with his roommate–a roommate who wants to add Rachel as their third. When did Rachel turn into this stunning beauty? She used to have a unibrow and frizzy hair. Those curves are going to kill him. She’s still as feisty as ever. Still addicted to those steamy romance novels–he adds to her addiction by sending some to her when she was on the boat.

Ethan must decide what he wants out of life–a career in writing or business? Does he want to keep Rachel in it? Rachel won’t speak to him after he accepted a position in the MBA on the East coast. She went back to that damn ship.

Rachel has been carrying around a package her mother gave her right before her death with the instructions that she read it when she needs guidance. Almost ten years after her mother’s death, she’s finally reading it. What he mother tells her changes everything Rachel has thought about her family and Ethan. Is it too late to change things?

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