BOOK REVIEW: Resistance on Ice by S.R. Grey

41ustvvyfpl Book 2 of Boys of Winter Series


Nolan Solvenson is hockey perfection both on and off the ice…or so he thinks. He is the go-to guy for advice…his nickname is Yoda. He can give everyone advice on everything from their love life to slap shots. Who does Nolan go to for advice? Why does he seem to be screwing everything up lately?

Lainey Shelbourne is a fiesty, determined woman, who knows what she wants. For awhile, it was just having a few flirtations and hook-ups while she finished her degree. One serious hook-up with a hot right wing hockey player from Vegas. Every time they where in Minnesota, they would get together. But when it came to becoming serious…well, let’s just say that a certain right winger became a ghost. He broke up with her right after a hook up on the team bus when she asked for more.

Now, she is living with her sister and her soon-to-be brother-in-law, Brent Oliver. She can only take so many spa days and lunches with her sister before she’s going to claw someone’s eyes out–namely her beloved sister’s. She takes a job as a cocktail waitress at one of the many casinos in Vegas. Her “uniform” makes Nolan a bit uncomfortable. She secretly loved it. Why not show him what he passed up on–until they have sex in her room minutes after walking in the door. That’s when she decides that she’s going to friend-zone Nolan. Hopefully, she can hold out. Lord he looks gorgeous on the ice. Even better when they are sitting by his pool. If they can learn to build a friendship, they can build a lasting relationship together. Right? Lainey just has to remember to keep her thoughts clean and not let Nolan too close or she will rip his clothes off. That won’t solve much of anything. Only if she can get Nolan to understand how sex is complicating their relationship and build it into something more than hook up. Will Nolan walk away from her? Can Lainey keep Nolan in the friend zone long enough to build a lasting relationship or will she falter?


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