Book Review: Always Have by Claire Kingsley

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The first time I read this book it was okay. I re-read it after receiving a notice from Amazon that the following two books in the series was available. Selene’s book intrigued me since it had been so long since I read Brax and Kylie’s story–I needed to re-read it. For some reason, this time, I loved the book. I’m not sure if it was just my mood before or the fact that previously I was incredibly stingy with handing out star ratings on Goodreads and Amazon. My initial rating on Goodreads was three stars. But I was an idiot and didn’t leave a review, so I have no idea why I didn’t rate it higher. Now, I tend to give higher star ratings because I know how challenging it is to write a book.

Before I begin with my review, I do want to add that this is not a sweet and tender novel. It is filled with angst, sex, sarcasm, and dirty talk–from Brax.

Now onto my review:

Kylie has known Braxton and Selene since she was little. Her father is their family attorney, he used to bring Kylie with him when he had business with their family especially after their parents were tragically killed in a car accident. Selene and Kylie have been the best of friends ever since. Very few things have separated the three of them. They all lived in Brax and Selene’s childhood home during college. Kylie still has her own room in the six bedroom house. One thing has been a constant –they are always there for each other. Much to Brax’s girlfriends’ dismay and Kylie’s boyfriends too. The significant others understand Selene’s role in Brax’s life and Kylie’s. Although, how Brax fits into Kylie’s life has created issues for Kylie and her boyfriends–or should we say ex boyfriends. The same is true for Brax. All the girls give Kylie the evil eye when they think he’s not looking. But he knows exactly why they hate Kylie. She’s gorgeous, funny, and sexy as hell. Brax is tall, handsome, and incredibly built as he should be since he owns a gym.

Brax has a reputation for being a ho-bag. He moves from woman to woman using the excuse that if the woman can’t handle his friendship with Kylie–hit the bricks. When the truth is, that every woman is just a mere replacement for the woman he craves and has always craved from the time he hit puberty.

Kylie has crushed on Brax from the moment she laid eyes on him as a kid. Nothing has changed for her. She does everything in her power to hide her feelings for him. One flu stricken night Brax takes care of her above and beyond what he normally does. He cleans her puke filled apartment including the puke that was running down her hallway to her bathroom and the bathroom. He helped her shower and put her to bed. She slept for four days. He took care of her the entire time. Instead of calling and telling Brax that she broke up with her current boyfriend she asks him to meet for dinner at their favorite bar, Brody’s. Brax surprises the hell outta her when she tells him.

It’s really hard not to tell Selene. What if everything is just a fluke. What if she really is just another notch on his bedpost like all the others? What if she has ruined their incredible friendship by…what sex? No this is more than just sex…what is it? How will Selene react when they tell her? Brax will do anything for his twin sister even give up the only other girl he loves.


This book is one from my personal library and one of the many ebooks I bought on Amazon. I will be writing reviews for the remaining two books in coming days….watch for it!



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