Book Review: Your Sound by Katia Rose

sound teaser 2 copy  Book 3 of the Sherbrooke Station series


First, I need to apologize for taking so long before writing this review. I should have completed this weeks ago, but life has gotten in the way a bit. Plus by not writing the review, it felt like the series wasn’t finished for me. Although, I do wonder about Cole and his rocky relationship with Roxy. Do they ever stop fighting and doing the back and forth thing–on, off, on, off, and so on. But even if he and Roxy don’t have their own book, I can live with that since all three books explain how deeply in love Cole is. I guess in a way he already has his forever.

Alright enough of all that….now on to my review.

Molly Meyers is the stereotypical fan girl. She had all the posters, songs, even the unreleased demos of Sherbrooke Station. But she has one small hiccup in her fan girl glory–the man she lusted after from afar–Ace now dates her roommate. It’s kind of hard to keep the man’s posters up when he’s in the next room satisfying your roommate. Awkward. The posters came down. It took quite some time to get used to this God-like creature to be in her home. She still couldn’t talk to him–it’s Ace! She can’t turn off years of crushing love at the drop of a hat or even months later. But slowly she’s getting use to. Getting used to it means she stays holed up in her room whenever he or any of his bandmates stop by. She doesn’t want to seem like a total creeper or complete freak even if she thinks she is a freak. She thinks that because she is beyond shy. Hates social situations too. But that doesn’t stop her from taking up an unexpected offer of a lifetime, doing her dream job in graphic design. No matter what her mother tells her, she has to do it! She’s also coming out of her shell a bit more each day she works there.

sound teaser 1 copy

JP Bouchard-Guindon is the keyboardist for Sherbrooke Station and the last singleton of the band. A happy mistake for JP when he accidentally ran into Molly’s room looking for the bathroom. He struck up a friendly conversation with the bashful girl in her panties. JP, the practical jokester and jack of all trades who has issues staying still. For some reason he can’t get the beautiful artist out of his mind.



Molly’s shell slowly peels away to the point that she feels comfortable enough to date. That drives JP crazy especially since he know the guy only wants one thing from Molly. JP wants much more than that. He wonders if she will be okay with his condition or if he will be enough since he’s had to deal with never being enough from his family.

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