Book Review:Long Live the Beautiful Hearts by Emma Scott

cover153503-medium  Book 2 of the Beautiful Hearts Duet

Book 1– Bring Down the Stars


There were many times where I wanted to throw my Kindle because Autumn, Connor, and Weston made choices that just pissed me off. On the flip side, there were moments where I cried, cheered, and mourned. This book also made me cry because two of the characters have PTSD from war which is the same as my husband. I connected with these characters so much…my heart ached for these guys.

The sweet romance that blossomed between two of the three characters melted my heart. They persevered, found acceptance, and their own second chances. The perfect ending for these three characters. Their road to recovery was hard fought and challenging.

Weston’s nickname was the Amherst Asshole, now that nickname is more true. Weston has finally returned to school with a few accommodations. The only thing he craves is his best friend–the one person who keeps avoiding him. He can live with losing his girl. Well, not really. But she’s never really been his girl. Only in his heart. But getting the cold shoulder from the one man who has had his back since their time together at prep school.

Autumn struggles with losing not one but two men in her life. She misses the talks with Weston. She misses how Connor used to look at her and touch her. Both are gone.

Connor is riddled with guilt. It should’ve been him. Everything is all his fault. He is never enough in the eyes of his family.

All three have struggles to overcome. Scott approaches their struggles with delicate taste. I adore these characters!! I only have one complaint about the ending–one of the character’s love interest is a bit too predictable. I didn’t really believe it. It seemed a bit forced.



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