Book Review: Because You’re the Love of My Life by Sarah Kleck


cover148914-medium Annie has longed to feel those butterflies in in tummy and be with the love of her life. She thought she found him senior year of high school. Things just didn’t work out that way until she met Holden. Holden is a college baseball player who gets injured during the game Annie watched. Holden and Annie start to build a life together. First, she finally admits to loving him and moves in with him. It takes Holden awhile for Annie to trust him. He’s patient. Over time, things change. They take each other for granted–move apart emotionally. But they still love each other.

Annie is offered a job back home in Seattle. She thinks this is what they need to get back on track. Space especially after they both just suffered a tragedy together. Instead of this tragedy bringing them closer together–it pulls them further apart. Annie runs into her high school sweetheart, Seth.

Holden asks her to return home. Yet another tragedy strikes. She realizes how deeply she cares for Holden.

I cried so much reading this. Forewarning: at least one –maybe two boxes of tissues. This novel does NOT have a HEA.




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