Book Review: One Week Hating You by Roya Carmen

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One Week Hating You by Roya Carmen is releasing October 25th!

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Mauve was living the dream–great job, terrific fiance, soon to be husband, terrific condo. All of it came crashing down. First she lost her job. Then she was stood up at the alter. Why stay at a place with the man who didn’t bother to show up at his own wedding!?  What’s a girl to do? Go home to your momma. Mommas always make everything better. That’s what Mauve did. She decided she would spend a bit of time with her family before deciding her next step in putting her life back together.

Mauve and her friend Corrie along with Mandy, Mauve’s childhood best friend decided the first thing to do is go shopping. Buy clothes that are not safe. Not plain. Not boring. Her outfit turns heads. Why wouldn’t a leather mini skirt, leather peep toe booties with a Pink Floyd shirt gain the attention of every man in the bar even Mauve’s high school sweetheart, Blake Taylor. Blake broke her heart when she was 18 by sleeping with another girl. Blake has changed. He’s not longer scrawny. He’s built with a sexy as sin beard.

Corrie has a brillant idea of using Blake to make Peter jealous and come running back to Mauve. For some reason both Mauve and Blake agree to her crazy scheme. Peter begins emailing back, begging for another chance.

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Mauve is realizing how much she changed since beginning her relationship with Peter. She use to go fishing all the time with her family. Her visits were always awkward and short-lived with her family. How her niece and nephew act differently now than they did before. They are open and honest. She loves this time with her family–she misses it and wants it back. Can she have Peter and the closeness she is feeling with her family?

Blake has been in love with Mauve since they were ten…maybe since her family moved next door. They have always had a love hate relationship. It’s their thing. He still loves her. After their fathers were tragically killed, Blake didn’t know how to deal with his loss. Instead of getting closer like his brother and Mauve’s sister did, he pushes Mauve away–the only way he knew how. He’s glad that Parker stood Mauve up. He’s upset that she’s upset. He wants her back. But she only wants casual sex. Can he be casual with the only woman he has ever truly loved? All he thinks about is kissing her. He loves spending time with her and his niece and nephew. He can picture a life with Mauve. She still wants the Parker douche even though he stood her up at the alter. He loves the fact that his niece, Maddie is playing matchmaker with him and Mauve. He knows that Mauve won’t stay, she’s going back.

Can they find their way back to each other? Will Mauve take Peter back or will she take a chance with Blake?

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