Book Review: All the Right Moves by Becca Taylor

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First, I need to apologize for posting this late. I’ve had one of those Murphy’s law week. Even when I sat down to type this up, my laptop decided that I could do nothing until I restarted it with the new updates. That doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it is when the other shit storm of larger things in my life that even the smallest things like a Windows update makes me want to scream and pull my hair out. But thankfully the update didn’t take too long and I’m FINALLY able to share with you my latest ARC  from Becca Taylor which I loved by the way. I read it in two sittings. Ok, I would have read it in one if not for the shit storm that descended upon my life.


Preston was just dumped. And was told that he was the WORST boyfriend ever. The topping on his shit cake was his new ex Chanel (yes after the perfume) told him that in the five years of their relationship she only had the big O once. Once! What’s a computer nerd who loves numbers and collecting data to do? After a bit of wallowing and gaining a bit of a dad bod, he gets his act together and begins to gather data to become a better boyfriend. He surveys women at bars, the mall, ect. He doesn’t stop there he also surveys guys of what they say and do to catch and keep their woman. The pick up line used most often: “I lost my number can I have yours?” Guys don’t use it. Women don’t like it. According to Preston’s data collection. After he has all this information, he know he needs to test out his theory. Who better to help him that his best friend since seven years old, Tenley Ray, who also happens to live next door.

Tenley has been secretly crushing on her best friend since they shared their first kiss at 14. She never shared those feelings with Preston for fear that she would lose him and more importantly, their friendship. They have been through everything together from gym teasings to break ups. She was furious when she read the Worst Boyfriend List Chanel gave Preston. Chanel is an idiot. But when Preston asks her from help with his theory, she wants to say not–she should say not. Her heart wants that one piece of him she has never had–that intimate part that all his girlfriends have had. She wants to kiss him and see him naked and…oh so much more. Can she keep her heart out of this thirty day deal? Why is she so thrilled when he asks her on a real date after the thirty days are over?  ATRMtease1color

Preston’s plan involves dinners, naked time, and lots and lots of making out. Somewhere along the way, Preston realized he’s in trouble with Tenley. For the first time in his life, he’s jealous. She’s only going to a male strip club with other women. He never gave Chanel any restrictions when she had parties or went out with her girlfriends. But Tenley is different. She’s the opposite of what he normally dates. Tenley called them Barbie dolls because they were small and petite who barely ate. Tenley is curvaceous with an hour glass figure and isn’t scared to split an entire triple chocolate cheesecake with me.  She loves all the same movies I do–Marvel. Why did it take me so long to realize how incredible she is?

Chanel comes back from Paris and wrecks everything good in his life. The self-centered Barbie tells Tenley that they are getting back together. The romantic candle light dinner he prepared for Tenley is for Chanel and Preston. Will Preston be able to win Tenley back?



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Being called the worst boyfriend can do a number on a man’s ego.

But I handled it the way any full-grown adult male would—by eating copious amounts of carbs and wallowing over whether I was good enough.

I admit, it wasn’t the best of moments, but it made me realize I needed answers to the question, what are women looking for inside and out of the bedroom?

After I researched the subject, I compiled my data into a solution.

Thirty days.

Thirty right moves.ATRMtease2

But I needed to test out my newfound theories, and my best friend, Tenley, was going to help.

It was a foolproof plan.

We would date and act like a real couple, all in the name of research. And when the thirty days were up, we would go back to being just friends.

Piece of cake, right?

Only, I forgot to take into consideration the multiple outcomes. Specifically, the one where it left me wanting more and refusing to go back to what we were… ever again.



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