Book Review: The Cowboy by Ally Prince

41975026  Book 2 of Wild for Her Series

I am a bit disappointed in that I didn’t know that this was part of a series. I would recommend reading book 1– The Stud with Logan and Lucy. Logan plays an integral part in The Cowboy– with Mason, Logan’s best friend and Penny, Logan’s little sister.

If you love cowboys and rancher novels, this book is for you. Penny Anderson has lusted after her brother’s best friend since she was old enough to notice the opposite sex. Mason was much older than her and has never shown any interest other than her protector…until her 18th birthday shortly after graduation. Penny didn’t want to leave for college as a virgin. She only wanted one person to help her out with that.

After that night, many things change for both Penny and Mason. Mason is injured and deeply burned from a barn fire. Penny has to deal with an abusive college boyfriend. They are both carrying around a lot of baggage.

Once Penny returns home after college graduation to teach art at the local school, Mason decides that things are going to change. Penny has held his heart for years. He is done waiting. He wants to make sure that everyone knows who his girl is. Now, he just needs to convince Penny–oh, and his best friend, Logan. Both of them are still struggling from the past. Demons from the past and past fears keep popping up–especially for Penny.

Will Penny be able to overcome her college fears? Can she give her complete trust to her only protector when he wasn’t there to protector when she needed him?

Can Logan give his blessing to his best friend and forgive him for lying to him?


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