BOOK REVIEW: Once Upon a Good Time by Lauren Blakely

ReadingOUARGT3  Book 1 of The Heartbreakers Series


Campbell is a former teen heartthrob and rock star. Now, he’s a single father who moonlights with a small band and teaches private music lessons.

One night at The Grouchy Owl, he spots a brilliant, gorgeous woman that he just can’t resist. So, he doesn’t. It turns into a one night stand that Campbell never wants to end. He would love nothing more than to explore an actual relationship with Mackenzie. Too bad his next music lesson is her son! Oops 😦

Mackenzie has never had a real romantic relationship. I mean, she slept with her best friend to help him figure out whether or not he’s gay. And he definitely is. She definitely ended up pregnant. She is co-parenting with her bestie, a Broadway producer. He encourages her to have more fun in life since everything revolves around their son. Mackenzie can’t remember the last time that she had a big O without a vibrator. Let alone the last time she had mind numbing sex. Ok, she has never had mind blowing sex. Which is why she took a chance with the brooding gorgeous hunk on the stage–and he gave her the answer to a trivia question. Trivia is a very odd hobby of hers.

ReadingOUARGT1Once Mackenzie and Campbell realize that Campbell is her son’s violin tutor–they end their romantic relationship. Campbell can’t get Mackenzie out of his mind. He loves helping Kyle with his homework. Mackenzie loves helping Campbell’s daughter Samantha with her cooking videos. The more they are together, the more they are becoming intertwined in each other’s lives. The more they want to rip each other’s clothes off. They go cold turkey. No more spending time with each other’s kids. No more lingering after lessons. No more coming to each other’s homes. No more talking on the phone  while watching the same shows on Netflix.

They are completely miserable. So are their kids. Kyle and Samantha parent trap them. They scheme to get their parents together.

This is a lighthearted, funny, and steamy romance filled with a lot of sexy dirty talk and sarcasm.


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