Book Review: Evan’s Encore by R.B. Hillard

Release on Oct 3rd!!

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Book 4 and Conclusion to the Meltdown Series

I have to say that I am a bit disappointed that this is the final novel for the series. I love these characters. I would love to continue to read about them. But I can also see why the series is over. Come on, how much can possibly happen to these guys! They have already endured so much. Why write another novel where they are all just blissfully happy. Honestly, that’s just boring. Evan ending the series is perfect.

Evan Walker is the new keyboardist in Meltdown. He was officially invited to join the band after he helped Meltdown out after their previous keyboardist was killed by their lead guitarist. The band needed to complete a short three month tour for publicity. Evan’s wife of nine years was furious that he joined the band even after he bought her a new Porsche and a McMansion of a house. His sister and brother tried to tell him that his wife was cheating on him, but he didn’t want to listen. He didn’t listen when a previous band mate told him the same thing months later. But he had to be sure, he had LASH, a private security company that the band uses look into it. They found that his wife, Mandy was not only cheating on him but was didn’t actually work at the pharmaceutical company she told him. That most of their marriage has been riddled with lie after lie.

Evan moves in with the country bar owner of Margo’s, Quinn.

Quinn Kinley is the owner of Margo’s–the bar her father started and one of the two things she has left of him. Her mother sold her childhood home to her a few months ago. Now, her mother lives in Florida with her best friend. Margo’s and her home are the two things she loves the most in life.

Margo’s is her life. With her manager, Alex-Ann who keeps having an on/off relationship with her boyfriend Baxter. Baxter, who finally leave Alex-Ann for Amanda–a stuck up bitch that they both hate. But that doesn’t stop Baxter and Amanda from coming into the bar. At first, the two friends thought Baxter did it as revenge to Alex-Ann. They thought that perhaps Baxter’s new relationship and the couple frequenting the bar is something more.

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Margo’s is also where she meets the gorgeous Evan Walker. Quinn didn’t recognize him right away–she’s a country girl through and through. But who doesn’t know Meltdown even if you don’t listen to rock. That band is incredible. So is the tatted up man sitting in her bar. He comes back a few more times without his younger brother.

He tells her that he’s getting a divorce –she offers him a place to live.

Quinn is the complete opposite of Mandy. She has curves that go for days. That sassy mouth. She has a comeback for everything. Even when his bitch soon-to-be-ex breaks into their newly shared house, Quinn helps him deal with everything. Evan is devastated when his most  prized possession–his baby piano and recording equipment are destroyed. And the first guitar he was ever given. All of his music equipment is destroyed. The only rooms that were touched were the music equipment in the pool house, his bedroom, and the living room. Nothing is stolen. Mandy did it. He knows it. But can’t prove it. He just wants Mandy out of his life for good. He wants Quinn. But he won’t come after her until he has Mandy out of his life.

Mandy does sever damage to Evan’s emotions. The more LASH investigates Mandy, the more questions Evan has. Was anything about his life for the past nine years true? He feels like he has wasted a part of his life with the wrong person. Why does Mandy have so many marriage certificates in these boxes? Who is Mandy? Why would she target him like this? Why didn’t Quinn tell him that she knows Mandy?

But will Quinn still want him after how he treated her after finding out that Quinn knew Mandy? What will Quinn do since something happened to Margo’s? Will she rebuild it? Or will she build a new life with Evan?

Fractured Beat (Meltdown Series #1)
Broken Lyric (Meltdown Series #2)
Shattered Rhythm (Meltdown Series #3)

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