BOOK REVIEW: Broken Lyrics by R.B. Hilliard

51qn2bqvxzol  Meltdown Series Book 2

Nash Bostwick is the sexy guitarist for Meltdown–one of the hottest bands in the country. Nash doesn’t do relationships. There’s a reason why he’s known for being a playboy. Relationships lead to heartbreak. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. After his high school sweetheart died, Nash vowed that he would never feel that kind of heartache again. Unfortunately, the world has different plans. His heart is about to be shattered along with the rest of his world. One by the most important person in his life–his mother. She has been fighting breast cancer for the past few years. She was in remission. Now, the cancer is back…and this time it’s terminal. The second by his mother’s oncology nurse, Rowan. She isn’t his type. She has luscious curves that go for days. Nash prefers his women straight and super skinny as Grant calls them stick figures.

Rowan Burns has been an oncology nurse for the past few years. She knows better than to become attached to her patients, but there is something about Mauve and her sexy broody son that she can’t explain. Rowan was attracted to Nash the moment they met. She also knew he didn’t feel the same way. Until recently, when he keeps watching her and staying up with her to watch movies after Mauve goes to sleep.  Mauve is spunky, funny, and so full of life…her sarcastic sense of humor is like no other. Rowan knew when Mauve was getting worse. She knew to separate the nurse from the personal connection to Mauve. Rowan is also falling for the emotionally detached Nash. Nash shows his softer side for his mother. He does whatever he can for the woman who single-handily raised him.

Once a few strange things begin happening, Nash thinks it’s his stalker returning. It doesn’t help that Blane doesn’t follow through with what he’s told in order to keep Nash and his family safe. Nash installs a new security system. That doesn’t stop the stalker from kidnapping Rowan. What Rowan doesn’t tell Nash is that she is running away from her former life. A life that could be catching up to her.  Who kidnapped Rowan? How can Nash find the stalker? Will Rowan forgive him for leaving her after his mother’s death?

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