BOOK REVIEW: Fractured Beat by R.B. Hillard

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Grant Hardy is the lead singer for Meltdown, a rising rock band. Meltdown is one of the first bands that signed on with a new record label, Happenstance. Blane Hamilton took a chance on an unknown band–Meltdown has delivered tenfold. They have a huge following of fans–so much so that they have a security team with them at all times. Everything they do is documented in someway. It doesn’t help that Grant fell off the stage and puked his guts up during the first song of their concert. Grant was under the influence of Oxy–something he adamantly denies taking. The record label forces him to rehab.

Mallory  Scott works with her best friend, Dr. CiCilia Woods the owner of Woodway, an in-house rehabilitation for the wealthy including Meltdown. Originally, CiCi was going to take the assignment but she had already agreed to assisting a tennis player with his addictions. Mallory has only assisted CiCi with her assignments. But it’s time for Mal to embark on her own without CiCi. Too bad that her new client is non other than Grant Hardy–Mr. Panty-melting sexy as hell man. That voice! And he completely denies to using Oxy or having an addiction. Mal is contracted to Grant for the remainder of Meltdown’s US tour. Something isn’t right. The more she learns about Grant–the more she believes him. Why would a guy take Oxy for a high when he’s allergic to it? Where is his detox report? Why can’t she find his therapist from rehab? Who would want to hurt not only Grant but also Meltdown?

How is she supposed to stay away from this man when all she wants to do is pull him into her bed?


Grant knows something fishy is happening. He spends his two week stint at rehab writing music and sleeping with his therapist. The whole thing is complete crap and was a waste of his time. Now, he has a therapist watching every move he makes. He knows that she is reporting everything to Hamilton. Why can’t he stop thinking about about her lush curves and full lips? Every time, Blane goes near her, Grant is filled with anger and jealousy–something he has never felt before. She challenges him at every point from his workout routine to his songwriting. She found a way under his skin–yet he wants to keep her there and protect her from what is happening around him. Only he doesn’t know if or how to protect her from what is happening in his life–let alone from her own nightmares. How can he protect Mallory from being fired on top of everything else in his life?

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