BOOK REVIEW: Shattered Rhythm by R.B. Hillard

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00033] Book three of the Meltdown Series

Chaz Jones has not had an easy life. His stepfather abused him in a multitude of ways that has left permanent scars on him both physically and emotionally. He keeps everyone at arms length including his new band mates. Chaz was just hired by Meltdown to be their new drummer after their previous drummer was fired for his drug addiction. Chaz feels like the outsider of the group–which in a way he is. Meltdown has been together for years. Grant and Nash started the band with Luke and Dave coming shortly thereafter. But the band has been in turmoil. It seems that after Grant fixed the record label issue by all of them buying out part of the label, Nash being kidnapped,  Luke’s death, and Grant’s stalker behind bars–the band is starting to come together with the addition of Evan, the new keyboardist. Chaz’s role in Grant’s stalker has left him without–he can no longer write or down himself in music. His escape.

Now, the band is going on tour–but their manager is having family issues. Her father is dying so she needs someone to replace her as band manager. Olivia Marshall walked away from the music scene for a reason–it completely shattered her. At one point, she thought she had everything–a dream job, a terrific man, and traveling around the world with both. But that was all taken away from her. Olivia was in love with the lead singer of Indigo Road, Sander. Only Olivia wasn’t the only person that Sander was having sex with–the lead guitarist Gio. The band’s manager Frank fired Olivia when he found out that she was pregnant with Sander’s baby. Olivia’s world was shattered even more when she lost the baby at seven months. She fell into drugs, alcohol, and depression for months, almost years. Now, she is managing another band–Meltdown. Chaz Jones makes her panties melt. She is determined not to repeat the past. Chaz keeps pursuing her. She keeps letting him in, at first only emotionally then physically. They both heal each other.

Until Olivia is kidnapped.

It takes every member of Meltdown’s security staff to find her. And find out who has been sending emails and texts to the previous owner of the record label.

Can Chaz open himself up to another woman claiming his heart? Will they find Olivia before the kidnapper kills her just to further hurt Chaz? Will Meltdown ever be able to outrun their demons?

Can Chaz find his rhythm again to write music and find his escape?


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