Book Review: Every Tear You Cry by J.E. Parker

40221352Book 4 of A Redeeming Love Series

I cried, laughed, was angered, and disgusted–disgusted by the actions of the characters. Ok, two characters in particular. I do think that I would have had a better understanding of the characters had I read the previous four books–which are now in my Amazon list.

Some of the content was a bit difficult to read–the details from Clara’s abusive marriage and the things her husband did to her. But these horrific events shaped Clara into the strong and independent woman that she is. I did have to walk away from the book a few times when some of those scenes were particularly graphic or when children are involved. It was gratifying to see how much Clara changed and became a stronger woman. In the end, she stood up for herself and the children. Something that not every abuse victim is able to do.


Clara is a woman trapped. For years she was trapped in an abusive marriage to Colin with her two little boys. She did everything to protect her angelic boys from their father. She made sure that she took all of Colin’s anger. Finally, she was able to leave and live into a battered women’s shelter. The shelter saved her life. Saved her boys.

Three years later, she has finally gotten herself together. She has a shabby apartment (an apartment that she is able to pay for herself), a job at the shelter, and friends. Too bad her creepy landlord keeps asking for his rent in forms other than money and most of her appliances are broken. Oh, and she barely has any food for their little family. Money is extremely tight lately since her hours were cut at the shelter.  It takes everything to accept help from her best friend Hope and her fiance, Evan. Evan even threatens to call his twin brother if Clara doesn’t accept his help. Evan’s brother is everything Clara can’t have. He’s a successful lawyer with an adorable little girl, Bella. Brantley is too gorgeous for her. Too nice….too everything. He makes her stupid whenever he’s around. Lucky for her that Brantley lives in Memphis. She lives in Georgia.

Brantley decided that he wanted to move closer to family especially his twin brother Evan. Evan’s fiancee just gave birth to his nephew a few months ago. Brantley wants his daughter Bella to know her cousin and be around his brother’s new family. What better way than to buy the house across the street from Evan and Hope. Brantley isn’t sure what he’s more excited about–seeing his family or being closer to Clara and her boys. He met Clara through Evan and their circle of friends. Every time Clara is more gorgeous. Even better, she treats his daughter like her own. Every interaction he has with her makes his heart melt. He will do what ever it takes to make her his.

Clara doesn’t know what to think about Brantley opening a law firm and hiring her to manage it. Or the fact that she’s Bella’s part time nanny. Now, she can afford to move out of that dump. Away from Icky Dickie. But the couple have a few issues to resolve beginning with Brantley’s crazy gold digging ex-wife. A woman who calls Bella names and neglects the sweet little girl. A little girl who only wants her mother to pay attention to her–act like a mother. Something that Clara has been doing from the moment she met Bella. Clara’s boys already treat Bella like a little sister. But after Brantley refuses to give his ex more money things go down hill for the couple. His ex comes to town with the sole purpose of hurting Clara and getting more money.

Will his ex tear them apart? Or will Clara’s nightmares and insecurities break their relationship? Can Brantley heal the broken pieces of Clara? Can he give her boys the security they need?

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