BOOK REVIEW: Vows on Ice by S.R. Grey

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Book 6 from The Boys of Winter Series

I loved Brent and Audrey in Book 1. I was looking forward to reading this latest installment from the series. Of course with the reappearance of Area 51 at the most inopportune moments–meeting Brent’s super conservative aunt with young twins! Audrey’s dress is lost in the mail…oh and Brent hurts himself simply skating at his childhood home. How can we forget the bachelorette party that Lainey planned which didn’t end until after 6 am the next day.

I am grateful that I read the previous books. If not, I would have struggled a bit with each couple’s dynamics and their back stories. This book focused mainly on Brent and Audrey with Lainey and Nolan as well as Eliza and Benny.

My only disappointment comes from the actual wedding ceremony was described in less than two paragraphs. I was hoping for more details since the build up of the entire book was to the wedding ceremony.

I still laugh my butt off at all the antics the three girls got themselves into. How the guys handle not only the girls but the various situations presented.


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