BOOK REVIEW: Gravel Road by Stephie Walls SPOILER ALERT

41079547 Austin Burin has been in love with Miranda since they were ten. He would do anything for her. She was the love of his life. Then she left him after her sister’s car accident. She just left–left Sarah and Jack…and him. What Austin didn’t know is how much Jack, Miranda’s father blamed her for Sarah’s accident. To the point that he gave Miranda an ultimatum. Jack knew that Miranda isn’t cut out to be a rancher’s wife. That’s what Austin is–a rancher through and through. Austin would be miserable doing anything else and Miranda would be miserable staying here in Mason Belle, Texas. Jack did what he thought was best for everyone. Too bad that months later, he would regret that decision. Miranda refused to return even for her sister’s wedding to Austin’s older brother.

Not until the wildfires did Miranda return to Mason Belle. That came at a cost to everyone including Jack and Austin. Austin had to pull Jack from the pasture before the fire and smoke got to both of them. Austin has also been working for Jack since Miranda left. At first, it was just to do Miranda’s chores on the farm in hopes that she would return after a brief time away. But she stayed away, Jack offered Austin a job to help him take care of the ranch. A ranch that Jack eventually gives to Austin since he has no children interested in the ranch. Sarah helps her husband with the Burin family ranch. Miranda is going back to New York. Jack hopes that by giving Austin the ranch, it will keep Miranda in Mason Belle. He knows how much she still loves Austin. First, Miranda and Austin need to let go of their anger to each other. Jack knows the key to getting his daughter back home is Austin.

Can Miranda forgive herself and her role in her sister’s accident? Can Austin forgive Miranda for leaving him without a word? Will Miranda be willing to leave her life in New York to be a rancher’s wife?

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