Book Review: Ryan by Giulia Logomarsino

41ggnghcwvl Book 7–For the Love of a Good Woman Series.

The final installment in this series completely wrecked me. It took me awhile to come to grips with the ending. I’m not going to give any spoilers, but it doesn’t have a happily ever after ending that most romance novels have.

Ryan has been craving what his circle of friends have–a committed relationship. Ryan has been chasing Cassandra for almost two years. He knows that she has feelings for him, but she never acts on them or even accepts his dates except group dates with his friends. He finally finds out why she refused to date him–she has a son.

Cassandra must protect her son even from his own father, Michael-the man who has has nothing to do with him since birth. Now, he not only wants to see Max but also wants joint custody! After she has struggled for the past ten years to raise him. Ryan joked that they should get married so it will show the courts a more stable environment. Why not Ryan is incredibly sexy and gorgeous. It has taken every once of will power to turn down his requests for dates. He has a solution for all her custody troubles.

The first few days start out incredibly rough, Ryan and Max begin to bond over reading Harry Potter. Ryan takes Max to school every day, does things with her boy. This arrangement was only supposed to be until the custody battle was over, but Cassie is falling for Ryan.

Tragedy befalls the family….how can they survive?

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