Book Review: Sean by Giulia Logomarsino

38208527 Book 6–For the Love of a Good Woman


Sean has been with Vira for over a year and a half, yet he cannot get her to commit to him. What guy wouldn’t want Vira–she’s incredible in bed and a little spitfire. Sean can barely get her to talk to him. The only think he knows about her job is that she hates it. He can’t get her to open up to him. He finally walks away from her. Only she keeps coming back–he keeps letting her in.

Sean meets the quiet librarian looking high school English teacher during an investigation at the school. He continues to run into her. She completely intrigues him. Lillian drives him insane with constantly correcting his grammar, and her prim, proper exterior. He knows that there’s a wildcat hidden underneath all those proper clothes. Does she even own any jeans? Lillian is the exact opposite of Vira in every way.

Lillian hates Sean from the moment she lays eyes on him. He is arrogant, cocky, and a womanizer. Why can’t she say no to him? Why is she incredibly attracted to him? She has to decide if he’s worth it since Vira keeps coming back. Vira gives him something that Lillian refuses to.

Vira usually plays the field–different guy each night. For the past year and half, Sean is the only one warming her up. Sean wants something that she can’t give him. Yet, this new gal can. To top it all off, their circle of friends have completely embraced this new girl. If she wants to keep Sean she will have to give him what he wants–needs. Will it cost her?

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