BOOK REVIEW: Finding Fate by Kennedy Mitchell

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I love Fate’s character–her quirky pink hair and choice of junk food to her hacker abilities. Fate Haley only has one thing on her mind–revenge. Her younger sister was lured and kidnapped to an African dictator, where she was abused, neglected, and murdered. Her sister’s murder was broadcast online for the world to see.

Fate has been collecting evidence on this African General and those who help him for the past few years with the help of her mentor, Mac. Mac tries to look out for Fate by teaching her more about hacking and how to use her skills to capture criminals. Mac also works for the FBI, where Fate has been doing contract work for in her spare time. Once Fate collects enough evidence on the General–she uses her skills to try to capture him–with the FBI and CIA help. What she doesn’t plan on is how difficult it would be…to be surrounded by other women and young girls who are being raped and abused by the General’s soldiers. When Mac sends in a team to retrieve Fate, she insists that the girls are released first. Something that was not planned by the contracted private team.

finding fate teaser 2Nash Bartley, one of many private contractors working for Drake. A team the CIA contracted to bring Fate home from Africa. Only nothing went as planned. Instead Nash was captured. Nash and Fate spent days in side by side cells. They spent each night talking about everything from their personal lives to family. Fate kept Nash alive by sharing her food and water. Nash kept her alive by ensuring Fate never loses hope. When the General comes to their camp and a second rescue attempt happens, Fate and Nash do not return together.

Neither of them return to the states without injuries–mentally and physically. Both think the other is dead after the last fire fight at the camp.

finding fate teaser 3It takes Fate four months to return to the states. Mac, Blake, and Nash are trying to keep her safe from the few of the General’s men that are still alive. Two of them are in DC–hunting her down to finish what the General and his second-in-command didn’t finish in Africa. Nash keeps Fate with him at all times–he even sleeps outside he bedroom door.

Nash and Fate find that their feelings for each other has only intensified since Africa. But how can they be together when men are still trying to kill her and anyone associated with her? How can Nash keep Fate safe and his sisters?


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