BOOK REVIEW:Player on Ice by S.R. Grey

51t2f0gulgl Book 5 of Boys of Winter Series


I have been addicted to this series! I started it due to receiving an ARC of the upcoming book 6 Vows on Ice. I wanted to know at least the characters that were being discussed. After the first book, I had to buy the rest of the series.

This one is not the best…ok…if I’m honest, it’s the worst of the series. But that being said, it is still a great read and I do not regret buying it.

Jaxon Holland is the biggest player on the Las Vegas Wolves hockey team and he is one of the top scorers on the ice. Both of these things gives him an incredibly large ego. An ego that gets completely deflated after colossally screwing up a key play during the play offs. A play that he should have made. The fans will forget soon enough right?

They would if Mr. Hockeypants wasn’t stirring up trouble for him. This popular blogger places the entire blame for the Wolves lossing the playoff game. Now, the fans hate him. He can’t even buy groceries without fans hassling him. Jax needs to get away. Lucky for him that his teammate has a beach house on an isolated island.

Cara Milne had planned to spend a few weeks with her best friend on an isolated beach house that her friend’s twin brother owns. Shortly after arriving Jax Holland is there. They did not meet in a friendly way–Cara threw a potted plant at Jax. Jax was self stimulating on the back deck. Their time together didn’t improve much over time. Cara and Jax hate each other. Cara does little things to annoy Jax, but Jax secretly loves it. Until Cara hides in her room and gives Jax the silent treatment.

Cara also has a secret…she is Mr. Hockeypants. She has to sneak around to post on her blog and watch the playoffs. It’s not easy pretending to know nothing about hockey.

Will Jax find out about Cara’s secret? If he does, will he forgive her?

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