Drew Giulia Lagomarsino

Drew has been mourning his wife’s death for over six years. She was his entire life. They had dreams and were beginning to attain them. One of many was start a family. But during her routine check-up, the doctor found a lump. Sadly, the breast cancer was fast spreading and the love of his life was gone from his life less than six months later. Now, Drew works for his buddies at their construction company. He bought a plot of land, he is still haunted by her ghost. He relishes every night with her.The warm breeze is Iris holding him at sunset. He just wants to hold her a bit longer every night. My new neighbor interrupted by night with Iris. Everything about my neighbor pisses me off…I have no idea why or how she gets under my skin so much. 

Sarah’s life was perfect. She loves her job and brownstone in Brooklyn. The one thing that she has wanted is finally coming true…she’s pregnant. Her husband, Todd takes her out to celebrate, but their night of celebration turns to tragedy and changes everything about her life. 
Drew-2 copySarah lives in the middle of nowhere, small po-dunk town–next to the grouchiest and most attractive man she has laid eyes on. He is always mad at her. Yet, he’s always there to help her with her car, paint the interior of her house, and even build an addition to her house. No matter how close she becomes to Drew, she can’t tell him about her past. If she does, WitSec will relocate them and she will never see Drew or his friends again. Friends that taking her in and becoming her friends too. She is comfortable with them. But Sarah hasn’t properly mourned Todd’s death. She needs to deal with that and make plans on how to properly take care of her babies. She can’t deny there is an overwhelming attraction to Drew. The feelings she has for Drew are almost deeper than how she has ever felt with Todd. But Sarah is confused about that too. She knows that she needs to focus on her mental and emotional well-being before entering a relationship with Drew. 
Will Drew be willing to wait for her? How long is he willing to wait?

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I love to read! I review books for contemporary fiction, young adult, and romance novels. I read the majority of my novels on my Kindle.

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