Book Review Logan Giulia Lagomarsino

Logan-2 (1)Logan made the biggest mistake of his life when he was a teen. He dumped the only woman he has truly loved and told her that he wasn’t woman enough for him because she was inexperienced and shy when it comes to sex. Logan has regretted that decision for years. Although, it wasn’t until recently that he realized how utterly stupid he was for tossing Cecelia to the side. He was just as inexperienced as she was, being young and stupid–he wanted the flaming chemistry and passion. Now, he gets that from a different woman –many different women. He doesn’t stay with women for more than a week or so at a time. Though he has longed for the passion, he realizes now that Cecelia gave him something more than passion–herself. 
logan-2 copy 2Ten years ago, Cece’s first love shattered her heart. It has taken years to overcome what he did and said to her. Ok, in a way, she still isn’t over it. How can a man say that she’s not woman enough?? That’s cruel. Because of him, Cece has changed everything about herself–from the way she dresses to her confidence. She knows she looks good and she dresses to make herself feel sexy but not slutty. She changed so much that when Cece moved back to her hometown, Logan didn’t recognize her. That’s where her revenge plot began. She wanted him to feel how she felt when he shattered her heart. What Cece doesn’t take into consideration is how much both of them have changed in the last decade. How compassionate and considerate Logan is…he continually brings her dinner when she works late and he saved her from an attempted rape. Keeps her safe from her stalker. She still finishes her revenge plot. Revenge is more than bittersweet–it feels horrible. Cece realizes that she needs to tell Logan the entire truth about her and their past. But can Logan forgive her? Can they rebuild such a broken and dysfunctional relationship?

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