BOOK REVIEW: Destiny Laughs by Leslie Pike

34055761 Book 1 of The Santini Series

A cute and quick read with this novella. It wouldn’t have taken much to make this into a full length novel. There were times, I felt that the storyline was being rushed. But that didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying it.

Dr. Nash Santini is the new vet in town. He returned to his hometown to be closer to his family and to raise his son Max–by himself. Nash hasn’t been using or looking for anyone special in his life nor was he looking for a new house. He was quite satisfied living at his childhood home.

Farrah Knight has spent the last six years caring for her ailing parents. She is going to spent time on herself and have an adventure. Selling her parents’ home and moving to Seattle for a new job is the next step for her.

Until…Farrah hit a stray dog. Max sat beside Farrah while Nash was treating the dog. The three bonded over the animal. Nash felt an instant attraction…Farrah wasn’t far behind. The only problem is that Farrah’s house is on the market. After only a few dates, the house sells and her Seattle roommate asks her to come early.

Will Farrah follow her heart to love …or to adventure?



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