BOOK REVIEW: Awkward by Lily Kate

51fjgoxbmel-_sy300_  This is from my personal kindle library. I realized that I have not written reviews for the books that I personally own or that I have borrowed. Occasionally, I am going to add those books on here.

This book is adorable and sweet. I love re-reading it.

Jack Darcy appears to have it all–a rich surgeon from an influential family of doctors and researchers. Oh and he is drop dead gorgeous with high end condo. But yet, Jack is incredibly single. Without a single prospect. It doesn’t help that he keeps screwing up every first date. How was he supposed to know that his date was NOT pregnant?! Or that he would blank out and forget the name of his date. It’s not his fault that he ordered a meat lover’s pizza while on a date with a vegan. Why would a vegan agree to a pizza date? Jack is awkward around women with the exception of his best friend, Allie Jenkins. Allie and Jack have known each other since birth. Ok, more like a few weeks later. But still. Their parents work together and are friends. Jack is a few years older than Allie but that doesn’t stop Jack from dreaming about her. He hopes that she can help him. More importantly, he hopes that all these lessons lead him to her heart. He thought that would be crystal clear to Allie after a disastrous double date where their dates ended up making out in the hallway. But instead that made her even more determined. He was determined to show her how he felt.

Allie has decided enough is enough. Jack needs to find a life long partner instead of all these first dates. She knows how to teach others. Granted, she usually teaches little five and six year olds in her Kindergarten class, but still. She gives Jack homework and tips to help him with his dates. Beginning with required reading from her favorite romance bookstore The Ripped Bodice. Jack is to read and mimic the book boyfriends. She will teach him how to be a better date and find him a wife. Too bad she dreams of filling that role. The more she teaches him, the more comfortable he gets with women. The more depressed she gets. Not to mention that Jack’s mother hates her. There is no way that she will come between their already strained relationship. Even though, Allie keeps dreaming about their make out session in the ocean where she almost lost her favorite pair of shoes–that Jack saved. Jack is actually reading the books and not medical articles. How incredible he looks when she arrives for their weekly movie and dinner which she ends up falling asleep and sleeping over. Allie tries to set Jack up with a new nurse–Caroline. Even going so far as to attend a kickball tournament with the hospital staff to set them up. That ends with Jack accidentally giving Caroline a black eye and damaging her nose. Allie tries to patch things up for Jack–only to find out that Caroline is a lesbian.

None of that matters–does it? They are too different.

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