BOOK REVIEW: Complications on the Ice by S.R. Grey

51wjbkxeutl  Book three of Boys of Winter Series

Benjamin “Benny” Perry is a fun loving guy–the life of the party kind of personality. Maybe too much partying. He was forced into rehab by Wolves’ management. Now, he is all about clean living. He attends meeting with former quarterback Tettersaw. Benny only has two addictions left–donuts and women. He’s trying to get to womanizing under control–really. He’s doing better. But being such an outgoing and friendly personality makes things difficult especially since he’s part of the leading starting line with Brent Oliver and Nolan Solvenson. And he’s incredibly good-looking. He can’t help it if women flock to him.

He meets Eliza. The redheaded beauty, he is instantly attracted to. She’s even more enticing once Benny find out that Eliza is coach’s daughter. Coach has been riding his ass lately for crap the other guys get by with. Why is the man so much harder on him than anyone else? It pisses him off. What better way to get back at him than bedding his daughter?

Eliza has been fantasizing about Benny for years. A fangirl crush. Her father thinks that she always keeps a team picture in her room to support his career as the head coach of the Las Vegas Wolves. Secretly, he keeps it because blonde haired Benny Perry is the front and center of the picture. She also has another secret that she keeps from her friends–her daughter. Eliza is the only person that knows who the father is. The one clue she gave her parents is that he is a hockey player which is why her father issued a warning to all his players to stay away from his daughter or there will be consequences. Eliza befriends Lainey Shelbourne during a preseason Wolves game. Lainey thinks that Eliza is perfect for Benny. Eliza is over the moon about their friendship and the possibility of meeting Benny–let alone having a relationship with him. Her life is never simple. She finds a way to date the hunky left winger.

Of course, her baby daddy gets traded to the Wolves when Nolan is injured. Benny hates the man–that’s before Benny even knows about her daughter and the horrible deal she made with her baby daddy. Hiding her daughter is becoming more and more challenging. At what point should she tell Benny and her friends about her gorgeous little girl? Will that be a deal breaker for them? How will her father react when he finds out that she is dating one of his players?

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