BOOK REVIEW: Bourbon and Bonfires by Andrea Johnson

51jcsvayoul-_sy300_ Book 4 of A Country Road Series

Landon Montgomery is the lone bachelor in his circle of friends. His best friend and roommate even found the love of his life. Now, Landon is stuck with blind dates that his mother is arranging. How did his life get so pathetic? He is ready to find that certain special someone. Too bad that every blind date ends with zero sparks. His father just handed him half of the HVAC business–a business he really doesn’t want nor knows how to properly run. He would much rather be working in his workshop creating furniture and other creative pieces out of wood. His woodworking side business is beginning to pick up to the point that he has to at least hire someone to help him out. Mason, a fourteen year old nephew of Taylor’s and the son of the woman Landon has a crush on. From the moment Landon laid eyes on Addy, he knew she was something special. He only spoke to her for a few minutes during Ben and Piper’s wedding. She moves to Lexington to be closer to Taylor.

Addison Sinclair has been a single mother for the last four years when her ex-Dan decided he didn’t love her anymore. Dan has been extremely hands off when it comes to helping with Mason even when Mason gets in trouble with the law and is suspended from school. Addy decides to move to Lexington where her little brother owns the bar Country Road. She spends her first New Years at his bar mesmerized by the handsome Landon who dances and kisses her at midnight. It is a magical night. Thank God she came to her senses before she was too caught up in the fantasy especially since Landon is so much younger than her. He is a few years younger than her brother! There is no way that she can start a relationship with someone that much younger than her. I mean, it is eight years! Landon makes it really hard to resist him when he’s so caring to her son. He fulfills the role of father without a second thought. Is she really ready to start a new family with Landon and Mason? Mason even calls Landon her boyfriend…why can’t she catch up to how her two men feel about her and each other?

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