BOOK REVIEW: I Don’t by Andrea Johnston

51r-hdeonal This adorable rom-com is from my personal reading library. I laughed so hard. I mean who falls for their teen crush whose now a stripper?

Whitney Wheeler has been dreaming about and planning her wedding since her grandmother gave her a wedding scrapbook as a teen. Well, the thing with well laid plans…they never–I mean ever work out. With Whitney, it came in the form of walking into her McMansion that she shared with her fiance, finding his secretary servicing her soon-to-be husband. Instead of discussing the situation, Whitney goes on a road trip with Lucas DeCosta, her high school crush that she reconnected with the previous night at the local strip club…where he was working. Her friends paid him to give her special attention…on stage in front of the entire club. The real problem is the electric current that runs through her veins every time Lucas touches her. Why can’t Trenton stop calling and texting me? Do I still love Trenton? Did I ever really love him?

Lucas DeCosta is a medical student who happens to strip and dance to pay for medical school. He also takes other side jobs such as transporting things such as puppies from a dog breeder to the new owners. He asked Whitney to join him for multiple reasons–the largest being that he selfishly wanted to spend more time with the girl he was too chicken shit to ask out in high school. Lucas knows that Whit is going through some stuff during the road trip she tells him about her idiotic fiance. Who would ever cheat on this perfect woman? Whit has changed since high school–she’s closed off and reminds him of a Stepford wife. He sees glimpses of his Whit–funny, outgoing girl who isn’t afraid of anything. She gives him crap right back. Why did he kiss her after dinner? He ruined the carefree feeling they have been sharing during the road trip. Now, she’s gone. Probably went back to the idiot.

Will Whitney take Trenton back or will she take a chance on Lucas?

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