Book Review: Destiny on Ice by S.R. Grey

32505991  Book 1 of Boys of Winter Series


Brent Oliver is living his dream as the star of the Las Vegas Wolves hockey team. He should be at the height of his career especially since he is the son of a retired two time Stanley Cup Champion, who according to the media and his father is beyond talented on the ice. So why is he having so many issues both on and off the ice? Perhaps, he is partying too much? Or womanizing too much? Too much of …well everything! Hell, he should’ve won a Stanley Cup by now! What the hell is wrong with him?

The Wolves management think a life coach will help Oliver. What management doesn’t know is that Oliver has already met his life coach. During one last hurrah before Oliver is summoned back to Vegas from his relaxing Minnesota lake house, he wakes up to a rude, sassy, gorgeous creature that he wants to drag back to his bed. Instead, she accuses him of stealing her panties and runs out of his room. Crazy chic!

Aubrey Shelburne is not used to letting loose–the one time that she does….she ends up in bed with an athlete. At least her sister said the athlete was a baseball player, she has never had a baseball player for a client. Her next client is a hockey player. Oh Lord this baseball player is gorgeous with sunflower brown eyes. Good thing she will never see him again.  Or so she thought!

Aubrey has never ever dated or even had thoughts about any of her clients…until now. Her hockey player is Brent Oliver, the panty stealing stud muffin with whiskey brown eyes, but he was rude, vulgar, and she wanted to throw her new heels at the man in Minnesota. But she has to pretend that she has never met this man before. Hopefully, he forgets who she is. It was only this morning, but a girl can dream, right? Worse, Wolves management demanded that she live with him for the duration of her contract and to travel with him for away games. She has never hated her job more. What’s worse is that the attraction is not one-sided. Brent does everything in his power to make Audrey realize that he is serious about her and their relationship. But her contract states that she is not allowed to have a romantic relationship with her client or she will be fired. How can they be together? Will Brent’s friends destroy everything that they have built for him and their relationship?


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