BOOK REVIEW: Exclusive/A Touch of Heaven by Samantha Chase

610aye1l-2bl  I love, love, love Samantha Chase novels! Any opportunity I have to read one of her novels–I do. I was gifted with this little nugget of two books in one by NetGalley.  Yet, again Chase does not disappoint me. I had issues putting down my Kindle.

The first book is Exclusive. 

Taylor Scott is working for a small newspaper in New York City. She doesn’t have her dream job, but she is a journalist. She is living in the city that she always dreamed about. Yes, she wishes that her life was a bit more put together, but she has very little to complain about. Until her boss tells her that she is going to Maine for an interview with a reclusive author, Jonathan Wade. She is to stay alone at his residence/farm to interview him, but she will spend the week with Mike Greene, a man who used to be friends with her ex-fiance that cheated on her and ruined her heart for any other man. Taylor was the only person who was genuinely nice to Mike in their circle of friends. Mike has never forgotten that. But has Taylor? Is she the same person that he remembers? Is she only there to dig up dirt on Wade? How will she react when she finds out his secret?Will all the wining and dining be for nothing? Will Taylor risk her career for Mike? How can she write this article when she has so many unresolved feelings?


A Touch of Heaven

Regan Amerson is feeling a bit nostalgic lately especially since her mother and business partner wants to sell the family home. The only place she has ever truly felt at peace. It’s not like her mother needs the large home anymore especially after her father passed away a few years ago. But that doesn’t stop the emotions from pouring out of Regan. If she could afford to she would buy the home from her mother. That is not an option. What does her impulsive mother do? Signs up for a reality show home makeover.

Sawyer Bennett is furious at his father for just picking a woman at random from the home improvement store for their reality show. What’s worse is that the homeowner’s daughter doesn’t want them there or want the house renovated. The network loves the idea of mother and daughter at odds against each other. Sawyer walks into the home with his mind set–NO. They will not do this. Until he meets Regan. He wants to impress this raven haired beauty. He wants her approval for this house and everything else in his life. That is something he is not used to. Normally, the only approval he wants is from his father and fellow business owner of Bennett Construction. When his father falls in love with Regan’s mother and the network is pushing for the mother/daughter turmoil, Sawyer realizes he needs to make some decisions about his own future especially after his father announces his retirement from their show.

Regan is gutted when her mother sells the family home only days after the renovation is complete. Sawyer knows how important this house is to Regan. He is willing to do whatever it takes to restore the beauty of the home. The house is not the only thing that undergoes changes.


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