BOOK Review: Love Under Contract by Dean Hodel

cover142905-mediumMichael Travers left home shortly after his mother passed away when he was a teen. He asked his girlfriend to go with him. But she needed to stay and take care of her younger siblings and her single mother. That was the day that Michael’s heart was broken. He sealed it off for any other woman. 

Years later, Sadonna Alston has worked hard her entire life. It is finally beginning to pay off. She has her dream job–part owner of Quality Homes. But a rival company Family, Inc. is trying to force her and her partners to sell to them. Family, Inc. head negotiator is non other than Michael Travers. The man who shattered her heart as a teenager when he left her. Yes, he asked her to go with him, but she needed more time. Time that he didn’t give her. He looks even better now than he did then. She can’t fall for him again. She doesn’t have time. She has even more at stake this time around than she did then. She is raising her nephew while her sister is recovering from her drug addiction. She needs to protect her company from not only Michael but from Family, Inc. But what happens when her partner, Lily asks for Michael’s assistance during the negotiation talks? How can Sadonna work with the man who is still just as sweet, and caring…where will that leave her if she does fall for him again?  


This is a sweet novel but not one of my favorites. Normally, I have issues putting down a book. I was able to easily walk away to do even the most mundane tasks such as laundry (I mean, yes, I need clean clothes…but I also love books! Priorities here people!!). I’m not sure if I want to read the next novel in the series. Honestly, I didn’t really like her partners at Quality Homes. But I did like Sadonna and Michael, even though sometimes Michael is a bit cold and off-putting. It was a little hard to see his perspective. He didn’t even share his thoughts very well with the reader!

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