BOOK REVIEW: I hate you, i love you by Elizabeth Hayley

cover144476-medium  Poetry professor Naomi Price loves everything about her job at Hainamor University…everything except for her arch nemesis Sebastian Blake. Blake is a novelist and creative writing professor. Both are up for the same award: Distinguished Professor Award. To add to Naomi’s issues is that Blake’s desk is directly across from hers in the open concept English department suite where all the professors are merely separated by cubicle walls. Price and Blake are always throwing cruel, witty, comments at each other. It doesn’t help that Blake has this whole dark and broody sexy thing going on. It’s not like he’s gorgeous with those piercing blue eyes and dark hair. She begins to see glimpses of a sweet man who holds the door for her, walks her to her car, and drives her home in a snow storm. She even enjoys sharing a meal with him –without trying to verbally decimate the man.

Sebastian Blake has a secret and one best selling novel–and three other mediocre novels. Every year before Thanksgiving, Blake gets blind drunk. He never intends to but it always happens. This year, he also trashes his house, furniture, and kitchen. He goes on a four day bender–even cancelling his Monday class. He can’t cope. How is he supposed to move on? Why can’t he stop thinking about the petite poetry professor? He has been a jerk to her from the moment she arrived as an adjunct. Why? What is it about her that rubs him the wrong way–maybe the right way? He can’t stop thinking about that kiss in the parking lot after the NatWriMo marathon before he takes her home. Why does he want it to happen again? The more time he spends with her, the more he wants her. He has baggage that he isn’t sure that she can handle.


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