The Distance Between Us Georgie Capron

The Distance Between Us

Georgie Capron

This is a refreshing story about a married couple rediscovering who they are as individuals and a couple. I loved that this novel didn’t follow the norm–ok to me seems to be the norm. In the last few novels, I’ve read about married couples–the novel ended with divorce packaged as a feminist move showing that the wife doesn’t need the husband. I’ve been left with anger and frustration. This novel was completely different. 
Tasha has been married for fourteen years to Charlie with three children. But between maintaining the household and taking care of kids–Tasha feels empty. She adores her children but there are moments where her patience is wearing thin. She should be able to turn to Charlie for support but he has been distant and focused on his career.  Charlie has been working late in order to financially support the family. Tasha feels that the two of them are moving apart especially after Tasha attends the birthday party for Charlie’s grandmother where everything went wrong on the way home and even beforehand–yet Charlie didn’t ask Tasha about any aspect of the trip. He carries on about how terrific his business trip was and the numerous ammienties he was offered while away. 

Tasha does something that forever changes their relationship. Due to Tasha’s split decision, she is forced to make numerous other decisions that she is not entirely happy about. She is fearful about the future and her future with Charlie. Charlie has a few of his own fears too. 
 She is happy about returning to the workforce–this decision is made to make her feel better about herself. The job she takes is completely different than her previous career in health care. Tasha decided to become a temporary personal assistant at a brokerage firm.  In the process, Tasha remembers or rediscovers who she is and what she wants. In the process, Charlie is reminded why he fell in love and why he continues to love Tasha. But will they find a way back to each other or will they be another divorce statistic? 

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